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Verses from The Holy Qur'an
"The likeness of those who spend their wealth in Allah's way is as the likeness of a grain which groweth seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. Allah giveth increase maniflod to whom He will. 
Allah is All- Embracing, all-Knowing"
(Surah Al Baqarah : 261)
Ye will not attain unto piety until ye spend of that which ye love.
And whatsoever ye spend, Allah is aware thereof.
(Surah Ali-'Imran: 92)
Lo! Those who give alms, both men and women, and lend unto
Allah a goodly loan, it will be double for them, and theirs will 
be a rich reward.
(Surah al-Hadid: 18)
Appeal for monetary assistance for the construction 
of school buildings
The Association of the Graduates of Malaysian Higher Learning Institutes (HALUAN) has initiated the setting up of a non-profitable community-based school, Ibn Khaldun Islamic Primary School, in 1990. We, having expertise  
in various field, have the intention to serve the community in the field of education.    

Ibn Khaldun Islamic Primary School has been established to cater for the need of an intergrated education system which combines the academic  
and Islamic religious curriculum.  

This school is curenntly registered with the Ministry of Education, Malaysia and the Selangor State Islamic Religious Department.  

Since its inception, the financial resources for the operation of the school has largely come from the student fees.The construction of school buildings/infrastructure/facilities has been entirely funded by donors contributions, consisting of our members and the general public.  

The demand from the public to send their children to this school has   
significantly increased in recent years. In order to cater for the projected increase of student intake, the School Board Committee is actively embarking on various plans to build new buildings so as to provide additional classrooms and other related facilities.  


The existing school classrooms are only sufficient to cater for 1998 school enrolment. The school is in dire need of adding more classrooms especially for 1999 school intake which starts in January 1999. For this purpose, the school is in the midst of building a 2 story school building with 8 classrooms. The cost of this building is RM240,000.00 or about US63,000 (US Dollars Sixty Three Thousands) (USD1.00=RM3.80). We are still short of fund to complete the construction of this building.  


The school buildings are only sufficient for use until the year 2000. The school is also proposing to build a three storey school building with 15 classrooms for long term future use. The cost of this building is RM870,000.00 or about US229,000.00 (US Dollars Two Hundred Twenty  
Nine Thousands)  

We humbly wish generous donors for monetary assistance so as to enable the school to succesfully construct both the above school buildings.  

We hope InsyaAllah, with the successful construction of these buildings, we can further upgrade our contribution to serve the community by providing conducive and quality education environment which will ultimately translate to producing quality students.  

We pray to Allah Subhanahu waTa 'ala that Allah opens the heart of generous donors to kindly consider and commit their invaluable participation in the success of the school by sending us your donation.  

May Allah , through His Infinite Mercy, grant all of us the strength to endeavour with full sincerity in serving His Deen in order to gain His Pleasure.   


Your sincerely,  

Mohd Azmi Ismail  
Board Committee of Ibn Khaldun Islamic Primary Schol

(P.S : Please send your donation directly to us  or  by remitting to the school Bank Account No: 12010010029602 under the account  name of 
"Pembangunan Sekolah Rendah Ibn Khaldun" 
at Bank Islam Malaysia Berhad, Sekyen 23, Jalan Kapar, 41400 KIang, Selangor Malaysia) 
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